Brewery Chillers

Pacific HVAC Engineering are proud of our extensive portfolio and experience within the brewery and winery industry. Our focus is to produce the right chiller solution for brewers who demand as much from their equipment as they do from their brew.  We understand that brewery chillers require lower and more accurate temperature controls than a […]

Fan and Blower Sound Solutions

Pacific HVAC Engineering partner with Chicago Blower Corp. (U.S.) to offer a full range of high performance centrifugal and axial fans / blowers throughout Australasia. With access to over 50 years of Chicago Blower’s extensive engineering experience and AMCA certified designs, we are equipped to offer world class fans and blowers to satisfy any requirement. […]

Dampers and Air Control

The output of a fan into a system is the flow-rate and static pressure at the intersection of the fan’s performance curve and the system’s characteristic curve. At a given speed the fan will produce a certain amount of airflow and static pressure at this intersection. What happens if we need to reduce that flow […]