Shopping Centre HVAC Solutions

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Have you been feeling the heat with the boxing day and end of year sales? You were probably not shopping at a centre that has had their ventilation, heating and cooling solutions provided by Pacific HVAC Engineering.

With 20 years’ experience working with some of our largest retail and shopping centres, they specialise in providing tailored solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Everything from fans and air handling units, cooling towers and chillers, ventilation solutions and industrial blowers have been designed and tested to suit Australian standards and offer the reliability you need from such a critical system in a centre’s daily operation.

Pacific HVAC Engineering has earned a reputation as a leading supplier of air flow solutions to the retail and shopping centre markets through their partnering approach to make sure that all air flow design requirements have been met and an energy saving, fit for purpose solution has been provided.

Our clients span the country and include the Westfield Shopping Centre group, the Emporium Melbourne, Westfield Market in Auckland and Toowoomba Grand Central to name just a few.

So, if you are looking for airflow solutions, contact Pacific HVAC Engineering to assist you with your product selection which will meet and exceed your expectations, provide you reliability and comfort and are certified to Australian and New Zealand standards.

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