Frankston Private Hospital

Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The latest vital medical facility has opened in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

Project Overview

Frankston Private Hospital is centrally located within the Frankston health and education precinct, in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs. As an amalgamation of Frankston Private Day Surgery and Peninsula Oncology, the newly opened private hospital provides a range of oncology and acute health services.

The hospital redevelopment was completed in early 2017 and features the addition of three new operating theatres and 60 overnight medical and surgical beds.

Fans for life

Pacific HVAC Engineering are proud to have worked closely with Collins & Graham on this essential medical facility, to provide a range of inline axial units and attenuators.

The provision of specific HVAC equipment to meet the requirements of the medical industry was imperative. This included the use of Melinex lined attenuators; a flexible, exceptionally strong and durable film that acts as an impervious barrier, normally used in wires and cables. This was necessary for particular areas of the hospital, where germ and disease control is vital.

The Benefits of Inline Axial Units and Attenuators in Hospitals

Throughout the hospital, the majority of the fans were inline axial units and attenuators for quiet operation and reliable performance. The impellers blades and hubs are manufactured to ensure uniform quality and performance as well as variations in motor size.

Combined with the emphasis on Melinex lined attenuators, as necessary in certain locations of a hospital, Frankston Private Hospital employees and patients can breathe easy knowing they have been provided the best range for all of their requirements.

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