Fiji & Tropical Environments

Our focus is to produce the right solution for temperature control in tropical climates.

We are proud of our extensive portfolio and experience within tropical and high humidity climates, such as Fiji.  Partnering with a number of international suppliers, our comprehensive product and service package solutions can be adapted for any climate.

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  • Aeris Environmental protection to avoid highly corrosive environments
  • Clint Chillers; suitable for, and have the corrosive protection required, for an island environment
  • AHUs from our valued international partners at PacAir and Euroclima
  • Liberty; sustainable and maintenance free composite AHUs, where corrosion of the casing construction is impossible
  • Komfovent heat recovery units, the TB1 certified product that provides the right thermal bridging profile for any project
  • Pacific HVAC Engineering’s full range of ventilation and HVLS equipment
  • PacAir ERVs for a robust, low noise and flexible solution
  • Our in-house service centre to support all clients

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