Cooling Large Areas Effectively

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Airius Air Pears – designed to cool large locations effectively.

Ever wonder how warehouses and sporting venues keep cool?

The air turbines in Airius Air Pears are specifically designed to create greater airflow and movement in larger locations.

Airius Air Pear fans work alongside and compliment all types of existing HVAC systems by pushing air through the thermal layers, reducing the stratification and maintaining air movement within the designated environment.

See how air circulation is increased in just 121 seconds with Airius Air Pear fans?

Airius Air Pear fans can also be used for locations requiring air extraction such as smoke, hot air or fumes in car parks or other closed in locations.

Basically, they suit anywhere air flow and circulation are required for greater comfort. Its simple stylish design delivers an airflow system that can be controlled by you, its small, versatile and unobtrusive.

Open spaced zones that benefit hugely from the installation of Airius Air Pear units as a substitute for, or supplement to, ductwork are:
• storage sites
• manufacturing sites,
• sports halls,
• casinos,
• galleries,
• gymnasiums or
• facilities with passive or active chilled beam, central spine ducts or soft ducts

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