Cairns Aquarium

Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Australia’s first aquarium in 17 years brings the Reef and the Rainforest to the Cairns CBD.

Designed as a contemporary, museum-like, flagship structure, the Cairns Aquarium is the newest captivating, world-class tourist attraction.  The iconic three level, 7,500 square metre, landmark  attraction is the first public aquarium to be built in Australia in 17 years and is expected to host 720,000 visitors each year.

10 North Queensland ecosystems and 71 habitats have been replicated throughout the aquarium to ensure that visitors will enjoy a 2.5-hour immersive journey.


Plant equipment was designed and documented by Cardno, to withstand a highly corrosive environment, provide high efficiency and the best recovery possible.  The exposed plant on the roof had strict acoustic requirements as the entire plant is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the location of the site in central Cairns has numerous multi-story buildings in close proximity.

This is where Pacific HVAC Engineering were able to provide a custom built packaged solution to meet the strict design brief and work with the mechanical contractor AE Smith, achieving the best product mix on the market. Pacific HVAC Engineering worked with our market leading suppliers throughout the world, from our European partners with chillers and air handing units through to our American partner for cooling towers and our local ventilation manufacturing plant in Melbourne.

The package consisted of three efficient Clint Water Cooled Turbocor Chillers, Multiple large Euroclima Energy Recovery AHUs, double skin Fan Coil Units and three acoustically designed Mesan Cooling Towers which formed the heart and backbone of the Major HVAC systems.


Throughout the aquarium, Pacific HVAC Engineering supplied our range of Major HVAC products, fans and attenuators.

Packaging up our range of Major HVAC and Ventilation products, enabled a seamless provision of quality equipment and control throughout the project.


“The combination of products and services offered by Pacific HVAC Engineering made AE Smith’s selection for the package of Major HVAC and Ventilation equipment seamless.  The project was delivered and commissioned by a dedicated and professional team, Pacific HVAC Engineering worked with AE Smith delivering North Queensland a marquee project.”
– Rick Larsen, AE Smith

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