Air Movement Solutions

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Need to keep the air moving this summer to keep your cool?

Are you sick of being hot and feeling like there is no way to cool down your space?

Airius Air Pears are a market leading air circulation and thermal destratification systems. They are ultra-quiet when running but offer huge value in the movement of air and making your environment, commercial or residential more comfortable all year round.

Due to minimal maintenance requirements and low ongoing running costs Airius Air Pear Fans have the ability to significantly reduce the ongoing investment, runtimes and workloads of existing air conditioning/heating systems whilst delivering a rapid ROI, usually 12-24 months.

In facilities where there are aisles, shelving or racking impeding the air flow from a typical fan and require aisle cooling, Airius Air Pears are unmatched at pushing the air down or along the aisles and into all locations to maintain airflow and comfort.

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