Shopping Centre HVAC Solutions

Have you been feeling the heat with the boxing day and end of year sales? You were probably not shopping at a centre that has had their ventilation, heating and cooling solutions provided by Pacific HVAC Engineering. With 20 years’ experience working with some of our largest retail and shopping centres, they specialise in providing tailored […]

Cooling Large Areas Effectively

Airius Air Pears – designed to cool large locations effectively. Ever wonder how warehouses and sporting venues keep cool? The air turbines in Airius Air Pears are specifically designed to create greater airflow and movement in larger locations. Airius Air Pear fans work alongside and compliment all types of existing HVAC systems by pushing air […]

Komfovent Registration

Thank you for your interest in meeting Saulius Kelecius from Komfovent, Lithuania. Saulius will be in Melbourne for one day only, discussing: The latest technology from Europe’s leading manufacturer of HRU and ERV units T1 TB1 rollout and Plug n Play set up Advantages of RHP units Eurovent certification vs Passive House Heat recovery efficiency […]

Commercial HVAC solutions

The control of airflow in commercial buildings is important for several reasons: to control moisture damage, reduce energy losses and ensure occupant comfort and health. Pacific HVAC Engineering has 20 years of experience working with some of our countries most well-known commercial buildings and office spaces. We specialise in providing tailored solutions to the Australian […]