• Fans HVAC

    Pacific HVAC Engineering offer a comprehensive range of ventilation products for any air movement application. Whether for new construction or retrofit, large project or small, our consultants can tailor fans to meet your specification.   

  • Chicago Blower

    Chicago Blower fans have been sold in Australia for over 40 years. For large scale HVAC projects and industrial / mining  applications, Pacific HVAC Engineering manufactures the Chicago range of centrifugal blowers and specialised fans.  

  • MacroAir HVLS Fans

    High Volume Low Speed fans offer extreme efficiency for cooling breezes in large spaces. A MacroAir fan lowers the “effective temperature” by up to 7º. Circulating air reduces the moisture on your body and makes you feel cooler.  

  • Clint Chillers

    Pacific HVAC Engineering offers a comprehensive product and service package featuring Clint Chillers. Clint are a global leader in Chiller technology with a proven track record spanning twenty-five years.  

Pacific HVAC Engineering

Pacific HVAC Engineering, previously known as Fans Direct, offer a comprehensive range of ventilation products for any air movement application. Our HVAC fan range includes; Roof Mounted Fans; Inline Axial Fans; Mixed Flow Fans; Wall Fans; Roof Cowls and Fan Ancillaries / Accessories. We are also leaders in HVLS fans with the renowned range of MacroAir products.  For heavy industrial fan & blower applications we supply Chicago Blower centrifugal fans. In addition to fans and ventilation products, we also offer a complete HVAC range that includes; Chillers; Roof Top Packaged Air Conditioning; Chilled Beam Systems; Cooling Towers and Air Handling Units.

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